Review: Dragon Quest Builders 2 (Sony PlayStation 4)


Review by Harvard L. With the original Dragon Quest Builders, Square Enix had a winning formula on its hands – combining the creative gameplay of Minecraft style voxel-builders with the JRPG breadcrumbing of the no-nonsense Dragon Quest franchise. Rather than being a throwaway spinoff to cash in on a fad-genre,…

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The DDNet Awards! Sony PlayStation Vita Game of the Year


Welcome to the DDNet Awards, our annual celebration of the best and brightest games that we’ve been playing throughout the year. It has been a really good year for games in 2016, with great examples of every genre popping up through the year. Across 15 categories over the next three…

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Going hands on with Dragon Quest Builders, Sword Art Online, Little Nightmares, Dragon Ball Xenoverse


Previews by Harvard L. For the Aussie readers out there, Bandai Namco Australia (which also represents Square Enix locally) has a real treat lined up in its publishing division through the rest of the year. With a stunning lineup of new releases in some heavy hitting franchises, you’re sure to…

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DDNet does Japan! Day #23: Tokyo Game Show 2015: My picks from the floor


TGS is an interesting event. As a business conference (for the first two of its four days) the show is much more about networking and interviewing than actually playing games. This year, for example, I conducted five formal interviews with developers to turn into articles on the website (you’ll see…

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