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Infinity Nikki beta test to launch in Q3 2024 – this game is so kawaii

The most exciting dress up game ever made?

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Infinity Nikki looks like the kind of open-world game that I actually want to play. It’s setting itself to be an adorable, whimsical game about playing dress-ups rather than murder, and it has every chance to dominate its space (mostly because it’s the only game in it, as far as I can tell).

It’s a truly gorgeous game (as you’d hope when the core concept is putting clothes on a girl). The developer has announced that in Q3 2024 there will be an “open beta”, which will be our first chance to try on some of these costumes.

There’s also a new trailer, and every time I see more of this game I want to play it more:

From the press release:

With sunrises, sunsets, and the ever-changing weather, the creatures of Miraland have their own lives. Remember their daily routines and try to find them! Wear outfits with special abilities to fish by the river or catch bugs with a net. The game features an in-depth gathering system where the items Nikki collects become great clothing materials.

Stroll through flower fields and meadows, walk along mountain streams, and encounter merchants offering special outfits. Let your inspiration rise with the paper cranes on the streets. Use Momo’s Camera and dress Nikki up in your favorite outfits. You can choose the perfect backgrounds and frames to take pictures of her, capturing every heartwarming moment of your journey anytime, anywhere.

Not long to wait to finally play this one now!

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