Enter Botany Manor and learn how to make the dainty Pixie Tears flowers bloom ahead of next week’s launch

The clues all add up...

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The key art for Botany Manor.

I’m obsessed with Botany Manor and it hasn’t even launched yet. What I’ve seen of the first-person botanical puzzle game set in a historically accurate 19th-century Somerset manor is soothing yet also tickles my mind a little bit. It is the debut game of Balloon Studios and published by Whitethorn Games. Back in February, an April release date was revealed and the game is still on track to launch next week… but in the meantime the team behind it released a video that shows how to make one flower grow and bloom.

Botany Manor follows retired botanist Arabella Greene as she explores the manor’s stunning manor and grounds. She has a collection of rare, forgotten plants that still require some research; she will search for clues in notes, books, posters, and items scattered about. With the right set of clues, she can determine how to make specific flora flourish. Unlock new seeds and plant them, then look around the property for what is needed, grow the plant, and learn about it.

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While progressing through the game, players will learn about Arabella’s life and career as a female scientist in the 19th century. In addition to the beautiful grounds, the manor houses many calming rooms. Interactive objects can be picked up, turned, and rotated. And I already really like the calming soundtrack and sound effects that can be heard in the background – the birds chirping are quite lovely!

In the above video, Balloon Studios’ creative director Laure De Mey demonstrates how to make one type of rare, forgotten flora flourish. Pixie Tears are dainty and, like many specimens, requires a specific set of circumstances to bloom. This puzzle puzzle is set in the third chapter of the game, when players have already settled in. De Ray also talks about how the manor’s location (Somerset) is somewhere orchards flourish. And what do we have here? The Pixie Tears are closely associated with orchards? Let’s head there and see what we can find! When Arabella finds a relevant piece of information, add it to the book. There are items scattered about that give hints about the game’s time frame, etc.; De Mey calls these narrative clues.

Developed by Balloon Studios and published by Whitethorn Games, Botany Manor will be released for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on April 9.

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