Exploration-puzzle game Botany Manor launches for PC, Switch, Xbox in April

Help long-forgotten plants live once more.

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The key art for Botany Manor.

Whitethorn Games is one of my favourite publishers. Every winter (or summer for those down under), it holds a showcase of games launching in the next year. You can watch this year’s entire showcase here, and I really recommend it; but I’m going to focus on just one title: Botany Manor. I’ve been keeping up with news regarding Botany Manor since late 2022 mostly through game showcases. The exploration-puzzle game has players becoming a retired botanist living and working in a stunning historic manor. I am so, so excited to say that Botany Manor will be launching on April 9.

Arabella Greene is a retired botanist, living on a lovely estate in Somerset during the 1890s. After her long career, she has collected many rare, long-forgotten plants that need to be researched for her to bring them to life again. While trying to revive these plants, learn about Arabella’s life, career, and the challenges she faces as a female scientist in the 19th century.

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Playing as Arabella, explore the historically-accurate manor with many calming rooms as well as its ground looking for clues in notes, posters, books, and items. The clues to determine the correct set of circumstances required for the flora to flourish. That means picking up and examining many items by flipping them, turning them, and rotating them.

Unlock new seeds, plant them, and keep them growing. Interact with certain items to solve each gardening puzzle, grow plants, and discover their mysterious qualities.

Botany Manor’s publisher, Whitethorn Games, leans heavily into accessibility in games – from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Botany Manor’s accessibility features/options include no time limits on puzzles; mouse and keyboard plus gamepad support on PC; single stick play; sprinting with hold or toggle; separately adjusting audio channels for sound effects and music; clues with a plain text overlay toggle that features sans serif text on a near-opaque black background; camera options to help with motion sickness (vignette mode, camera transitions toggle, invert camera controls on each axis separately, adjust sensitivity, adjust smoothing, adjust field of view, and no motion blur; and the ability to toggle the crosshair as well as adjust its size).

Developed by Balloon Studios and published by Whitethorn Games, Botany Manor will be released for PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on April 9.

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