Learn about Diva No. 5, one of the six protagonists in SaGa Emerald Beyond

Three different demos are available now.

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Key art for SaGa Emerald Beyond. April 4, 2024.

Square Enix has dropped a ton of information about SaGa Emerald Beyond, the latest standalone title in the SaGa franchise that was first announced during a Nintendo Direct last September. The game features six protagonists in five unique story arcs; you can play the same arc two times and get two different experiences thanks to the branching plot points based on choices. There are 17 unique worlds, including a forest of skyscrapers and a world governed by five witches. Today’s news about SaGa Emerald Beyond includes information on (and a trailer for) one of the main characters (Diva No. 5), the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force, characters who can join the retinue, three worlds, and the battle system.

Let’s tackle that list of new information out of order, starting with a look at the three worlds. Avalon is the royal city where the sun never sets. All sorts of people, things, and events are in Avalon… but everybody seems to want more. Mare Nostrum is oceanic and home to pirates that need to be faced head-on. Kamala is a world of blooming flowers: life sprouts, grows, blossoms, bears fruit, scatters seeds, then sprouts again to continue the never-ending cycle of life.

When it comes to the battle system in SaGa Emerald Beyond, expect to meet diverse species like the mechs. Their abilities are determined by armaments, not combat. Weapons and armour can be slotted in anywhere, allowing mech to sometimes be used as an immediate asset assuming they have the proper gear. Relics can also be equipped.

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There are three types of two-handed swords. Greatswords are able to slash, pierce, and blunt. Katana have conditional techs like interrupts and counters. Polearm techs slow down enemy actions. All two-handed sword techs feature increase enmity. That makes it easier to be targeted by enemies and strike them with counterattacks.

Up to three trials given by Mr. S can be completed during battles to earn rewards. The trials can be attempted infinitely, and new trials will be added under various conditions. Some of the new trials will reward valuable items. Using Tutelage by Mr. S, develop abilities for party members not in battle. If a character has achieved mastery of their skills, they can also conduct tutelage. The higher the ability of the instructor, the more efficient the tutelage becomes.

Okay, finally on to why you’re probably here: the trailer introducing Diva No. 5, a songstress mech. She was flawless and captivating until she sang a forbidden song that she found a museum; due to that mistake, her memory and singing functions were disabled. She abandons her humanoid body and joins the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force, leaving her home city of Avalon behind. When it comes to mechs, only Diva No. 5’s body type can be changed as the game progresses; the status, role, and unique tech can change depending on body type.

Someone named Constantine has organised the National Extradimensional Exploratory Task Force. He was Diva No. 5’s manager before she lost her memory, and he’s quite sketchy. That being said, she pretty much has to follow him. Other Task Force members include Boudica, a chief of a destroyed tribe who is an independent warrior; Wednesday, a girl with a suit that has the ability to absorb fiends; Bláth, a short-lived plant species; and Imakoo, who is apparently a werewolf but nobody has ever actually seen him in human form. Other characters that may join the retinue are Guinevere, who is trying to atone for her sins; Minstrel, a peculiar troubadour mech; Ivar, a merchant captain; Azure, the last guardian of the Sea God’s eggs; Nana, the next maiden of the Epuyke; and Kina, a Kikir who can summon fiends from other worlds.

Three different demos are now available for SaGa Emerald Beyond. That’s right – three! Each is for a separate platform and features a different main character. The demo for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 follows Tsunanori Mido, a man who can manipulate animated puppets. The demo for Nintendo Switch follows Ameya, a witch-in-training who loses almost all her powers. The demo for PC follows Diva No. 5.

Developed and published by Square Enix, SaGa Emerald Beyond will be released digitally for iOS/Android, PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on April 25.

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