Slap battles await when the Rose & Camellia Collection soon launches digitally and physically for Nintendo Switch

Best described as a slap'em up.

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A screenshot from the Rose & Camellia Collection for Nintendo Switch. Saori, with long brown hair and a light-coloured dress, is being slapped by Seiko, whose dark hair is slicked back into a low bun.

The Rose & Camellia games first launched as one hit online Flash game in the 00s, gaining popularity as sequels were released. They are odd genre mash-up of visual novel and slap’em up (if that even counts as a genre). I only heard about the series last year during Limited Run Games’ Summer Showcase, when it was announced that five games would be compiled into the Rose & Camellia Collection, launching for Nintendo Switch. At the time, it was set to launch in 2023; today it was announced when it will be available. (Hint: It’s not 2023 anymore.)

This is the first time the Rose & Camellia Collection will be made for a dedicated gaming console. This collection includes five games: Rose & Camellia, Rose & Camellia 2, crossover title Rose & Camellia vs. La-Mulana, and two new games debuting with this collection (Rose & Camellia 3 and Rose & Camellia 4). It provides the definitive versions of each game with to HD visuals, full English voice-over, an anime-styled opening, and two new vocal songs by Cristina “Vee” Valenzuela. There is a single player mode as well as a two-player local versus mode with one person as one of the heroines and the other as one of the villains.'s Discord banner. You click on it to be taken to the Website's Discord server

Slap your way to the top of high society. It’s so absurd: slap, dodge, feint, and counter through a series of one-on-one slap fights with an aristocratic family. The slapping motion can be made using Joy-Con motion controls or swipes on the touchscreen. Give them fancy upper crust folk the smackdown they all deserve!

Through the games, tensions and tempers rise during the division of family wealth and power. And thus the reflex-based slapping battles begin! The cast of over 30 characters is entirely made up of women. The aristocratic adversaries will fall until the one and only heiress is left standing.

Here is the original announcement trailer for the collection:

There are two physical editions of the Rose & Camellia Collection. The standard edition includes the collection and a full-colour booklet. The deluxe edition includes the collection, a full-colour booklet, art cards, a double-sided poster, an acrylic standee, the original soundtrack on CD, and a deluxe hard collector’s case.

Developed by WayForward/Nigoro and published by Limited Run Games, the Rose & Camellia Collection will be released for Nintendo Switch. Digitally, it launches April 16. Physically, pre-orders are open from April 12 to May 12 through Limited Run Games.

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