Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition announced for PC, consoles

Students versus monsters times two.

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A screenshot from Class of Heroes 2G: Remaster Edition. To the left, a man with sunglasses (despite being in what appears to be a hospital) and a white lab coat is holding a needle containing red fluid. His name is Galenus, and he says: "Ghehe, you look like healthy young people. Most excellent." To the right is a girl with blonde pigtails and a red headband.

I’m back yet again with news about a remastered game – actually, remastered games. Publisher PQube has announced that Class of Heroes 1 and its sequel are back, this time as a bundle of remastered versions. Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition includes both Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition and Class of Heroes 2G: Remaster Edition. These games are classic dungeon crawlers that focus on team composition and collecting rare items. The compilation is expected to be released in 2024.

Class of Heroes: Anniversary Edition has players starting as students at the Particus Academy, training to be the next big adventurer. Create a party of students from 10 races and 15 majors, each aligned as either good, evil, or neutral. During battle, the six-student teams will be divided into two: three at the front, three at the back. Students at the front will specialise in melee weapons and attack the enemy head-on, while students at the back will specialise in ranged attacks and support (for example, healers).

The game features 75 3D labyrinths complete with monsters, puzzles, traps, and treasure. Efficient resource management is needed, so players can buy and sell at the campus store or store items in the dorms. Synthesise new items or customise equipment using components found in dungeons.

Class of Heroes 2G: Remaster Edition puts players at the Crostini Academy for adventurer training. There are three different schools to visit, so lots of new and unique students will be available to join the party. These schools each have their own classes that students can take, providing a more varied experience. The expanded character creator gives players better control over their party with more race/class combinations.

The game includes over 100 dungeons (without random generation) and over 250 monstrous enemies. Find items in dungeons to weather different storms using over 200 alchemy recipes and 90 pieces of equipment.

Developed by Acquire and published by PQube, Class of Heroes 1 & 2: Complete Edition will be released for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in early 2024. Digitally, each game will also be available individually.

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  • They’re fun games if a little generic.
    Cool thing about the PS3 version of Class of Heroes 2 is that you can use the Vita as a controller with the map on it. Always fun, such cross-connectivity between handheld and home console

    • I’ve had these games sitting on… certain devices of mine for the longest time and never got around to them.

      Now I can look forward to them guilt free ^_^. I do love my generic dungeon crawls!

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