Stone age farming/life sim Roots of Pacha launching for PlayStation, Switch in November

Help build civilisation.

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The key art for Roots of Pacha.

Roots of Pacha is a charming life sim that’s been available via Steam for several months now. Set in a stone age community, the game is built on the idea of multiplayer co-op (though single player is definitely an option too). In it, players discover ideas, domesticate crops, befriend animals, and contribute to the village’s growth. The game is now set to be released for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch towards the end of November, with Xbox versions being expected next year. The console versions will ship with the 1.1 update, which will be available via Steam on the same day.

Become a member of the Pacha clan, undergoing the Rite of Passage into adulthood, and help the clan progress into the future. Gather resources and discover inventions with the goal of creating a civilisation leading the way for humanity while peacefully coexisting with local flora/fauna and outside clans.

Players begin their journey of discovery while developing tools and ideas that reshape the primitive world. Process and preserve food, begin metalworking, create pottery and artwork, unlock spirituality, and invent new buildings. Farm veggies, explore the wilderness to befriend and domesticate animals, fish the local waters, and mine the darkest caves.

The clan is a tight-knit community of people that ensure the village’s survival. Each has their own hopes, fears, and dreams. Develop friendships and overcome hardships with them. The village can grow by inviting members of other clans to join you. Find love when the time is right. There are even primitive festivals and rituals.

The 1.1 update includes several updates. Players can tame an ancient animal called aurochs to gather milk or fur. Take a load off by sitting down and regaining some stamina. Voda is now romanceable, and Unions can be broken up. NPCs will start sending gifts once a certain level of friendship is reached; some are recurring, like bones and fur, while others are one-of-a-kind. The one-of-a-kind gifts include 16 new dishes/recpies, 10 new hats/masks, 11 new pieces of furniture, and two new accessories. Use traps in the Savanna or raise animals to get your own meat. Grow herbs and mushrooms. There are 13 new cutscenes. There are also performance optimisations, rebalanced tree fruits, and fish quality levels.

Developed and published by Soda Den, Roots of Pacha will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch on November 28. It is currently available for PC/Mac via Steam, and is expected to launch for Xbox Series and Xbox One next year.

Lindsay picked up an NES controller for the first time at the age of 6 and instantly fell in love. She began reviewing GBA games 20 years ago and quickly branched out from her Nintendo comfort zone. She has has developed a great love of life sims and FMV titles. For her, accessibility is one of the most important parts of any game (but she also really appreciates good UI).

  • Ngl, the stone age setting is what really makes this game stand out.
    Imagine an actual in-depth game set during the Neolithic era. IIRC the longest era in human history and yet it’s barely explored in media.

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