Octopath Traveler developer announces real-time RPG Scars of Mars

Escape a research facility on Mars.

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The key art for Scars of Mars. The game's logo is to the left. Half of the protagonist's face is to the right; she has silver hair and glowing blue eyes.

Acquire may not be a name you recognize, but the developer has probably made a game you’ve heard of; it was founded in 1994 and its portfolio includes Octopath Traveler and Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed. Now, it has announced its third self-published game with Scars of Mars, a real-time RPG about an attempt to escape a research facility on Mars with your crew. It’s all about precise timing in real-time Formation Battle. The game is set to launch in 2024.

It’s December 6, 2158. You are the commander of a humanoid unit embarking on a top-secret mission to rescue survivors from a research facility on Mars that suddenly lost contact. Since Scars on Mars is a real-time RPG, time flows during combat and exploration. Make split-second decisions, execute precise commands, and destroy enemies within a limited time. The real-time aspect should help create a sense of tension while playing.

Control four humanoids in a 3×3 grid, deciding on their actions. You’ll need to choose which characters to control and when to attack, dodge, heal, or protect. Each humanoid can be customised by combining different classes, frames, and weapons. Some examples include a Sniper that moves slowly, a Fighter who swiftly slices enemies, a Berserker who is great in close combat but has low defense, and a Healer who focuses on support and defense.

Each playthrough is procedurally generated, offering different paths. Every enemy encounter, event, and item container changes. Battery management is crucial; battles, events, and movement consumes time, which depletes your battery. Make decisions based on your party’s condition and the remaining battery power. Experience is vital for success, so it sounds like you should expect to die. A lot.

Developed and published by Acquire, Scars of Mars will be released for PC via Steam in 2024.

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