Care for an exotic pet in Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet

Dinosaurs, axolotls, and turtles – oh my!

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The key art for Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet.

After all these years, the love of virtual pets is still going strong. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve said I want a new Tamagotchi in the last year; yet I haven’t pulled the trigger, as all my extra cash is going into savings or gifts for family. One logical solution to this problem would be to go with a downloadable game for either my phone or Nintendo Switch, and Wildagotchi: Virutal Pet may be just what I need to scratch that virtual pet itch. And the game launches for Nintendo Switch in only ten days!

Wildagotchi is a pixelated wildlife care simulator. It is currently available as free-to-play for mobile devices, but this Nintendo Switch launch is a paid edition. The developer has made two other similar games, Catgotchi and Dogotchi, which are both available as free-to-play for mobile devices or a paid game for Nintendo Switch.

The game is very obviously inspired by Tamagotchi, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve played some great Tamagotchi-inspired games, but never on Nintendo Switch. The console’s portability is a huge bonus, as these games are generally played in small bursts.

Players will surround their flock of pets with care. And these aren’t your normal pets! It all starts with a dinosaur, before other reptiles, mammals, birds, and even plants are unlocked. The plant part has me especially curious.

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Players will have to be competent at care and multitasking. Pets are looked after in real-time, and none of its needs can be neglected. Neglect can lead to negative consequences for an animal’s health and happiness. A content animal will grow up faster, allowing players to adopt another one. You don’t lose the last pet when you gain a new one; instead, care for them all at once. See? Multitasking!

Developed by Mawges and published by RedDeer.Games, Wildagotchi: Virtual Pet will be released for Nintendo Switch on August 25.

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