Become the perfect parent in Volcano Princess, launching in February 2023

Will your daughter be led astray?

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Parenting is never easy in real life, and the same can often be said of video games. Sure, sometimes the kids just raise themselves – but other times, the player needs to take on an active role in their child’s (or children’s) life. I’m relatively new to games about raising children, but a few have caught my eye lately. Volcano Princess is one of those titles, and it’s been announced that the parenting simulator JRPG will be released for PC this coming February.

You and your daughter live in a place called the Volcano Kingdom. Your spouse has died. The conflict between humans and demons is intensifying, so you have to prepare your child for a world of war and new challenges. Every decision made will affect both the future of your daughter and the entire empire.

As your daughter’s only parent, you’ll have to be sure she has everything she needs and is happy in her daily life (and studies). She’s always learning, so explore new hobbies, activities, and jobs with her. She starts of as a preteen who slowly learns to properly engage with people and practice proper etiquette. She’ll attend one of four colleges, where she’ll do things like learn music, take up painting, or become a master in the martial arts. Don’t neglect her, though, or she may be led astray.

Developed by Egg Hatcher Studio and published by Gamera Games, Volcano Princess will be released for PC via Steam on February 2, 2023. It can currently be added to your wishlist.


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    • I wonder what has caused the sudden explosion in parenting simulators? For decades it was just Princess Maker, but now there’s so many of these (not that I’m complaining, lol!)

    • Also, I cannot believe that I somehow missed the point of your comment here. I’m so sorry, dude. CONGRATULATIONS! Here’s hoping for a really smooth delivery! 😀

      (That’ll teach me for setting making “reading comments time” the first thing I do in the morning lol).

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