Like Sonic? Like speedrunning? Well, there is a charity event for you next week!

Gotta get your tickets fast!

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It’s really incredible to think about, but Sonic has been such a major part of the games industry for so long now. The blue hedgehog celebrates his 32nd birthday next week, and to celebrate that, as well as the launch of Sonic Origins Plus, the Australian distributor of SEGA games is putting on a big party.

The distributor, Five Star Games, has partnered with the AusSpeedruns Twitch channel, Fortress Sydney, and charity, Game On Cancer, to host the inaugural The Sonic State Of Origins Plus Clash speedrunning competition.

The event will consist of eight Sonic events that teams, representing either Queensland or New South Wales (it’s a local Rugby League gag, for any non-Australians reading this) will try and out-speed one another through.

It can be watched over the AusSpeedruns channel, or fans can attend the event in person at Fortress Sydney for just $10 (tickets here). Money raised through the event will be going to Game On Cancer.

And so, if you’re a Sonic and speedrunning fan, treat yourself to some fun and feel good for supporting a good charity while you do so!

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