Highlights: Xbox Games Showcase 2023

I'm not gonna lie, it mostly sucked.

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A graphic promoting Xbox Games Showcase on June 11 at 10 am PT, and the Starfield Direct immediately following it.

I came into the Xbox Games Showcase expecting very little to be excited about, and I in fact got very little to be excited about. On one hand, it was streamed in 4K and that was nice. On the other hand, most titles get a big yawn from me. Still, I’ve compiled some of the more interesting games that may turn out to be okay. Everything here should be coming to PC and Xbox Series, and I’ve noted when it is also launching via Steam.

Note: This only covers the Xbox Games Showcase itself, not the Starfield Direct. The only interesting thing in there was when a woman stole a bunch of sandwiches.

Game highlights


Do we know much more about the Fable reboot following this trailer? Not really. Will that stop me from sharing it? Absolutely not! I’m a big critic of stuff from Microsoft/Xbox studios, but I’ve always been obsessed with Fable.

South of Midnight

I adore the setting of South of Midnight: the American Deep South. Okay, it’s full of racists, homophobes, and bigots… but the land itself is beautiful. Play as Hazel, who is called to become a Weaver after disaster strikes. Weavers are magical menders of broken bonds and spirits. Explore the mythos and encounter creatures of Southern folklore in this macabre and fantastical world. Hazel will confront and subdue dangerous creatures, untangle the webs of her family’s past, and find a place that feels like home. South of Midnight will also be released for Steam.

Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 was originally released in 2006, and considering we’re now in a world of constant remakes, why would it be left out? It’s already received numerous ports, too. But a remake it is! Take on the role of a high-school student who joins a group of students investigating a temporal anomaly (the Dark Hour). During this hour, members can enter a tower containing monstrous creatures knows as Shadows. The group battles Shadows with a physical manifestations of their psyche – Persona. There is no doubt in my mind that Persona 3 Reload will also launch for other consoles when it is released in early 2024.

Persona 5 Tactica

Persona 5 isn’t even that old, for crying out loud! But sure, let’s remake it anyway. The game takes place in modern-day Tokyo and follows Joker, who transfers to a new high school after being falsely accused of assault. Over the school year, he and other awaken to a special power and become vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They explore a supernatural realm to steal malevolent intent from the hearts of adults. Again, the group battles Shadows with a physical manifestations of their psyche – Persona. There is no doubt in my mind that Persona 5 Tactica will also launch for other consoles when it is released on November 17.


This game actually terrifies me (that’s so far to fall!) but it’s also quite intriguing. It appears to be a rock-climbing game set in a vibrant world. The main character has the cutest little blue-ish frog/lump-like creature in their backpack, which is a bonus. In addition to scaling mountains, the protagonist also made plants grow so they could climb them. Justant will be released later this year.

Metaphor Re Fantazio

Project Re Fantasy finally has a proper title! Metaphor Re Fantazio is from the creator of multiple Persona games, and looks enough like one that I half expected it to be a new title in that series. Metaphor Re:Fantazio will be released in 2024. As with the Persona games, expect it to be announced for other consoles quite soon.

The full list of games

  • Fable
  • South of Midnight (also coming to Steam)
  • Star Wars Outlaws (launching in 2024)
  • 33 Immortals (launching in 2024)
  • Payday 3 (launching September 21)
  • Persona 3 Reload (launching in early 2024)
  • Avowed (also coming to Steam)
  • Sea of Thieves: The Legend of Monkey Island (game update launching July 20)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (launching in 2024, also coming to Steam)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator: Dune Expansion (launching November 3)
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II (launching in 2024, also coming to Steam)
  • Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth (launching in early 2024)
  • Fallout 76: Atlantic City update (also coming to Steam)
  • Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess
  • Forza Motorsport (launching October 10, also coming to Steam)
  • Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom – Shadow Over Morrowmind (launching on June 20, also coming to Steam)
  • Overwatch 2 (launching August 10)
  • Persona 5 Tactica (launching November 17)
  • Starfield Sept 6 +Steam
  • Justant (launching later this year)
  • Still Wakes the Deep (launching in early 2024)
  • Dungeons of Hinterberg
  • Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty expansion (launching September 26)
  • Cities: Skylines II (launching October 24)
  • Metaphor Re Fantazio (launching in 2024)
  • Towerborne (launching in 2024, also coming to Steam)
  • Clockwork Revolution (also coming to Steam)

The full showcase


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