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The key art for Transport Fever 2: Console Edition. It features the game's logo, a ship, a truck, a train, and a plane.

Games where you can drive commercial stuff is fun; whether its farm equipment, ship, trucks, trains, or airplanes, I’m in. While there’s no farm equipment in sight in Transport Fever 2: Console Edition, the other four types of vehicles are ready and waiting. Today, the game’s first gameplay trailer with commentary was released.

Transport Fever 2: Console Edition is a tycoon game about building a transport company and developing needed infrastructure to do so. Transport both cargo and passengers while building a transport empire and contributing to the global economy. The game is already available as a PC version, which has been adapted for this new Console Edition. This new edition has improved graphics, a revamped interface, and controller-adapted controls.

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The game is the first transport management game on consoles. It gives players the opportunity to build and grown from 1850 to the present day, develop complex transportation links, control around 200 real and historical vehicles (trains, buses, trams, trucks, planes, and ships), create maps on three different landscape types, and become a major player in the town’s economy by improving access and trade.

The gameplay video has commentary by Nihat Isik, one of the developers. It looks at some of the mechanics that players will use to develop and empire using a fictional 1970’s tropical island as an example. Transport enterprises thrive when surrounding towns have continued growth. The more towns expand and connect, the more the transport business must manage users and goods. Players can help do this by having a variety of services available. This makes it easier to serve new areas within the same city while connecting to other urban areas. Players can also increase the frequency and capacity of transportation, modernize lines, and add improvements to help traffic circulation.

Developed by Urban Games and published by Nacon, Transport Fever 2: Console Edition will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, and Xbox One on March 9. The PC version is available now.

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