There’s a really neat Heroes of Might & Magic clone coming to console

The more Heroes of Might & Magic, the better!

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PQube and developer, Crazy Goat Games, have announced that its Heroes of Might & Magic-like, The Dragoness: Command of the Flame, is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch this year.

This is a game that we actually previewed last year, and walked away with a positive impression of. As I wrote in that preview: “From screenshots, you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone has simply revived the Heroes of Might & Magic property. Then again, given that we don’t get anywhere near enough of these kinds of games, a roguelike “clone” of something dear to the childhoods of many of us may well be very welcome indeed. I look forward to seeing what tricks the developers have up their sleeves in the lead-up to and following the release in a few weeks’ time.”

Now, unfortunately, things got busy after that and we weren’t able to review it. However! This kind of game was always better suited for console (and as a fun fact: I still play Heroes of Might & Magic 2 on the Game Boy Color to this day), so this is exactly the announcement that we needed.

There’s no firm release date as yet, but expect that to come in a few months. I’d take a guess and say it will be released in the latter half of the year. In the meantime, enjoy the new announcement trailer!

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