It has been more than a decade, but Ruina is making a return!

There is no more niche game to get a remake. Ever.

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Whether you remember it or not, Ruina: Fairy Tale of the Forgotten Ruins was made back in 2008 with a combination of RPG Maker 2000 programming and a heart full of passion by video game development go-getter, Shoukichi Karekusa. While Karekusa has released more titles than there are search results for his name on Google (not many), it seems like we’re going back to the basics with a remake of the original 2008 title.

To do so, he’s teaming up with Guangzhou Tianwen Kadokawa Animation and Comics – a business headquartered in Guangdong, China with a lineage of mainstream publicity smaller than the number of words in their full legal name. The team’s upcoming Ruina remake has been given a concept trailer, containing no aspects of gameplay, instead showing off a bit of the revamped art we can expect to see soon in the future.

But what about the game itself?

Despite its hyper-indie status, the original Ruina, like many other old indie titles had captured the hearts of those who had the pleasure of discovering it. Big time. With some late-game plot twists, a correlation between the themes of ambition and corporate greed, and multiple endings based on your combat efficiency, it had all the necessary components to produce a sound and constantly captivating plotline.

If you’re still hanging onto the golden age of brutal RNG and trial-and-error gameplay backed up with mind-satiating dialogue and plot progression, you might be interested in keeping up to date with Ruina: Fairy Tale of the Forgotten Ruins. And while a release date hasn’t yet been announced, you can hopefully find a bit of consolation to know that similar revamp projects are happening all the time these days, and Ruina remake advancements specifically are sure to arrive soon!


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