Detroit: Become Human development studio will soon be a part of the NetEase family

The Chinese giants munch on even more.

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David Cage’s studio, Quantic Dream, is certainly a controversial one. There are some that love the company’s output, including such titles as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. However, there are also plenty who find the studio intolerable, in no small part because of the behaviour of Cage himself. In recent years this has blown up a bit and might be the reason why the studio has been lying low. There has barely been a peep since Detroit was released in 2018.

However, at least one company sees plenty of value in the company, controversies or no: the very large Chinese technology, NetEase, has announced that it will acquire the company.

While NetEase promises little intervention in the design and developmental process of Quantic Dream’s own projects, they have pledged the benefits of high-tech facilities and resources to assist them. NetEase CEO, Ding Lei: said via a statement:

“NetEase will continue to fulfil our promise to support Quantic Dream to realise its full potential. By combining the wild creativity and exceptional narrative focus of Quantic Dream with NetEase’s powerful facilities, resources and execution capabilities, we believe there are infinite possibilities that could re-define the interactive entertainment experience we provide for players worldwide.”

And what does NetEase get out of it? As it was previously mentioned, Quantic Dream will be the company’s first European studio, marking an integral stepping stone for the huge technology company to break into new markets and globalise. So let us hope for a mutually beneficial deal, and for project details the likes we’ve never seen before to be released as a result.

And, perhaps they could settle Cage down just a little. That would be a pretty good outcome too.


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  • “re-define the interactive entertainment experience we provide for players worldwide”

    Corporate speeches like this are never a good sign. The only thing that could have been worse is if they replaced the word “players” by “consumers”.

    I still look forward to anything Quantic Dream puts out though. It’s been a while. I don’t know what behaviour you’re refering to and unless it’s something really agrecious I really don’t care.

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