’s newest indie bundle is doing a good thing to support abortion rights

This bundle shouldn't be necessary, America.

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Right now on you can pick up almost 800 items for as little as $10, and your money will be going to a very good cause indeed.

In the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, an event running its rounds across the U.S. and worldwide, indie game developers on have done their part to support women’s rights and access to safe abortions. A full 100 per cent of the proceeds are going to the National Network of Abortion Fund’s Collect Power Fund (NNAF) to help women, particularly in the Ameican Midwest, have access to abortion clinics.

Get the bundle here initially set a goal of $50,000. The platform has not only reached this, but are now extending the sale of the new indie bundle for nine more days at time of writing, with a new goal of $200,000. So, what’s really on offer?

For at least $10 (although recommends a larger donation for the sake of the campaign – every cent still goes to the cause), you will receive:

792 items from 604 creators all supporting the NNAF… that’s worth over $3000 in individual value. They’re all indie releases, with the brunt of the exhaustive item list consisting of DRM-free games. It’s not just games, either. Books, soundtracks, assets, comics, and tools are also part of the sale (albeit in smaller quantities). Physical games are also included, which are essentially tabletop RPGs for gamers looking for something a little different. And although it is unlikely that you would ever get around to playing and enjoying all of this, for $10, it’s still quite the steal!

Campaigns like these, above all, act as evidence of the thriving community of indie games, and the importance of maintaining and developing this wonderful industry. As a platform and proponent of indie games, the people at not only facilitate indie devs to get their names out into the public eye but are also commendable for their ability to raise funds and awareness for humanitarian crises beyond our passion for gaming. So, we would highly recommend you check out this absolutely worthwhile deal, and maybe donate a little extra to help the really, really good cause!


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