Seven Pirates H has a release date!

The super-pervy wild pirate adventure, Seven Pirates H, has a release date

You won't be playing this one on a train.

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Compile Heart and EastAsiaSoft have announced a release date for what might be the most pervy game on Nintendo Switch. Seven Pirates H will release worldwide on May 12, 2022. Previously released in Japan only on the PlayStation Vita, this is a visually upgraded “ultimate” edition from Idea Factory.

The game is part of the Genkai Tokki series, which includes Moero Chronicle and Moero Crystal. EastAsiaSoft released the Switch version of the latter back in 2020, and in my review of that, I wrote: “Moero Crystal H is one giant sex joke, and that means that its appeal is more narrow and limited. It’s not worse, by any means. Just like American Pie or any of the other sex comedies that were big in the 90s and 00s, Moero Crystal H isn’t meant to be something you muse over. It’s simply meant to be enjoyed in the moment and then moved on from.”

Though this one is a more traditional JRPG than the dungeon crawling approach Crystal H took, I would very much assume that Seven Pirates H will be a similar situation: it will be a perfectly decently-made game with an incredibly lewd sense of humour and aesthetic. It’s not going to challenge your brain, but it will be amusing and a lot of wild, raunchy fun.

Let’s see how right I am in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, watch the launch date trailer here (we can’t embed this one. It’s age-restricted and therefore can only be watched on YouTube. You’ll see why if you click through).

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