Monkey Island Returns

You want awesome? Ron Gilbert making a new Monkey Island is awesome

Oh heck yes.

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This was lovely news to wake up to, I tells you what. The legendary creator of Monkey Island, Ron Gilbert, was never going to make another entry in the beloved adventure game series. Except that he is, now. Devolver Digital, in collaboration with LucasArts Games, is set to produce and publish Return to Monkey Island. Most importantly, it is a game by Ron Gilbert and his development team, Terrible Toybox.

Even more exciting is that you won’t need to wait that long for it. It releases this year. Do we have more details than that? Nope. Does the trailer give us any information? Of course not. It’s a teaser. It’s charming, but it doesn’t actually tell us anything about the game.

Are we going to give this the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s going to be something special? You better believe it.

I’m sure we’ll get more details sooner rather than later. For now, just enjoy the trailer for a project that none of us thought would happen.

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