“Masterpieces”: What are they, and do we have them in videogames?

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Video by Matt S.

One of the core discussions within any field of art is that of the “masterpiece” – what makes a work a masterpiece (yes, it’s more than “it’s really good), and why are masterpieces important?

It’s also a word that is very commonly misused in the videogame space. Not deliberately, but we do tend to attribute “masterpieces” to those games that either sell really well (and are therefore really popular) or that entertain us the most.

The reality is a bit more complex than that… and well worth thinking through, as it cuts to the very core of how we identify with video games. In this video I take a look at the very concept of the masterpiece.

Thanks as always for watching, and please do share your thoughts! This is a fascinating discussion!

– Matt S. 
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