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Article by Matt S.

Unfortunately, a bout of illness hit me over the weekend, meaning that my plans to stream some of the new stuff that has made its way into Civilization VI was ruined, but that’s okay – there are still three streams for you to enjoy this week! From the ongoing quest through Final Fantasy IV, to a look at the most fanservicey of visual novels on PlayStation 4, and the start of Tokyo Xanadu, Nihon Falcolm’s excellent Persona-like, we’ve got plenty to share this week!

Retro Tuesday: Final Fantasy II on SNES (i.e. Final Fantasy IV)

DDNet After Dark: Tokyo Dark: Remembrance

JRPG Saturday: Tokyo Xanadu EX+

Anything Goes Sunday: Civilization VI

As always, our first stream of the week will be Retro Tuesday. We’ll be continuing Final Fantasy IV there, with the most dramatic moment in the entire game – this is the moment in Final Fantasy IV that everyone remembers, and you could write an entire book on its implications. For DDNet After Dark this week we’ll probably continue our play of Tokyo Dark. It’s a great game. We’ll also continue to plug on with Tokyo Xanadu as our JRPG of the week. As for Anything Goes Sunday… well, that’s right up in the air right now! Let us know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see played.

Thanks as always for watching!

– Matt S. 
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