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Monday, April 6, 2020

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Brilliant characters made better

Video by Matt S.

(Note: Very, very mild spoilers within)

Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be a game that is discussed and debated - heatedly so - for many years to come. One thing that I do think the developers have absolutely nailed is the characterisation - where with the original Final Fantasy VII I was rather ambivalent on the characters (yes, including Aerith), this time around I found them to be a fascinating, sympathetic bunch and I enjoyed almost all of them.

So I've done a video to look specifically at the characterisation of Final Fantasy VII's remake - discuss what it is I like about them, and how that has managed to enhance the base game in such a way that it has appealed to me on just about every level.

Also I get to declare my complete love for Jessie - a minor character with barely a line in the original FFVII, here she is utter perfection and Square Enix, please for the love of all things holy give me a game where she can be the protagonist please.

Be sure to check out my written review, which is more in-depth with the game itself, and let me know your thoughts on FFVII (and Jessie) once you start playing!

- Matt S. 
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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Brilliant characters made better
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