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SEGA has announced that the next two DLC packs for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva MegaMix (or Mega39 as it will be known when it finally releases in the west) will release simultaneously on April 13 next week. These two DLC packs are part of the season pass, if you purchased that, or will be available individually for about $10.

The first (pack #4) offers six new songs and and 13 new costumes, as below:

World’s End Umbrella (music and lyrics by Hachi)
Koisuru VOC@LOID (music and lyrics by Oster Project)
Kami Kyoku (music and lyrics by Onyuu-P)
Yellow (music and lyrics by kz (livetune))
Negaposi*Continues (music and lyrics by Sasakure.UK)
Sing & Smile (music and lyrics by Re:nG)

That’s a hell of a pack, with World’s End Umbrella and Yellow being real Miku classics, and Sing & Smile being that one where Miku dresses up as a cheerleader and hnnnnnnnng.

The second pack (pack #5) features six more songs, and five new costumes, and includes:

Uta ni Katachi wa Nai Keredo (music and lyrics by Doriko)
Dear (music and lyrics by 19-iku-)
Dou Iu Koto na no!? (music and lyrics by Kuchibashi-P)
Clover Club (music and lyrics by Yuuyu)
Rin-chan Nau! (music by Owata-P, lyrics by Sezu)
Shinkai City Underground (music and lyrics by TanakaB)

Dear, Clover Club and Shinkai City Underground are all the picks of this bunch.

With this release we’re left with one more DLC pack (that we know of) to look forward to. Still, nothing like 12 new pieces of Miku music to help get us through this horrible period of self isolation.

– Matt S. 
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