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Friday, April 24, 2020

Doraemon Story of Seasons on PS4 has its western release date

News by Matt S.

Just yesterday we reported in our catch up coffee feature that Doraemon Story of Seasons was coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan. Now we have the western release date for the game too - it's landing on September 4.

If you didn't play the Harvest Moon/Doraemon collaboration back when it released on the Nintendo Switch, you missed out on a really good game. From our review:

Doraemon Story of Seasons is a gorgeous little game, too, with a pastel aesthetic that perfectly matches the pastoral lifestyle that you're getting into. The little profile images of Doraemon and the gang that pop up during cut scenes are spot-on to the Doraemon personality, and the music is a great blend of Doraemon's iconic musical tones, and the laid-back, rural soundtrack of Story of Seasons. As simple as it might look in screenshots, in motion Doraemon is a genuinely immersive feast for the eyes, and every time I sit down to play this game, I end up pouring much more time into it than I expected, as it puts me in such a good and relaxed pace.

It's utterly cheerful, wholesome stuff, and because the Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon theme is so comfortably familiar, it's also the perfect introduction to Japan's iconic robot blue cat, if you've somehow missed him in the past. The PlayStation 4 port will be just that, a port, but that's okay, because the game was already loaded with charm and already looked gorgeous anyway.

Mark it down, peeps. September 4. You'll want this one.

- Matt S. 
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Doraemon Story of Seasons on PS4 has its western release date
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