We have a release date for the next Dee Dee visual novel!

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News by Matt S.

I’ve got some great news to share today; we’ve got a release date set in stone for the next visual novel in the “My Time With Dee Dee” series. It took a little longer than I thought it would (mostly because of scope creep – it’s a much bigger thing than I had initially envisioned), but as of February 17, all Patreon backers will be able to download the game for free, as with the previous two VNs. For everyone else it will be priced at $7.99, the same price as Volume 1 from last year.

My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 2, is quite a bit different. Where the first Volume was an erotic thriller, this one is more a fanservicey slice of life game, designed to introduce two new characters, that will appear in VNs going forward. Those two characters are:

Lorin – Dee Dee’s best friend, and a fellow dancer and art enthusiast.

Nettie – Dee Dee’s sister, and while she doesn’t dance, she sure loves her books and painting.

There will be plenty of laughs and silly situations in this visual novel, with plenty of new art and scenarios to enjoy.

In terms of raw size, Volume 2 will take you much longer to get through. There are nine different points where you’ll get to make decisions this time around, and each time, there will be a significantly different story branch. In addition there are six (yes, six!) different endings, each based on which of the girls you spend the most time with, and the decisions that you make through the story.

And, of course, the Professor returns to give a short lecture on some of the themes covered through the visual novel. All together, you’ll be looking at 4-5 hours of solid reading ahead of you for this one.

It’s always exciting to draw towards the end of a visual novel, and get it in the hands of players. Thank you for supporting the project, and I hope you love it when you get your hands on it!

– Matt S. 
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