Dee Dee visual novel update… allow me to introduce you to Lorin!

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News by Matt S.

I did promise news on the next step for the visual novel series very soon after the last one came out, did I not (you can grab that here if you’re keen)? I’m pushing some real VN Liiiiiive Services here for my wonderful subscribers with the rate of these updates!

But more seriously, here we are. As I mentioned previously, the next visual novel will be a very small one, a little like Chapter 0, as I’d like to introduce a couple of new characters, with the VN after that being another extended, full length story… this time with the extended cast. And so today I’m introducing Lorin, or Lo. Lorin is a Middle Eastern beauty, the close friend to Dee Dee and… that’s all I’m going to share about her for now. You’ll find out a great deal more about her from the intro VN, which will land around Christmas.

If you’re not already backing me on Patreon, please consider supporting the work I’m doing! Even $1/month will be huge, both in terms of the reviews, videos and podcasts that we produce at… and the production of these VNs themselves.

And, of course, in return you get download codes for each and every VN that we release, at no additional cost – not bad for such a small vote of confidence. Thank you for your ongoing support… and look forward to the next character reveal in a week or two!

– Matt S. 
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