Video: Exploitation Vs. Art: Discussing the difference in video games

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Video by Matt S.

One of the regular watchers of the DDNet YouTube community asked me to canvas this topic, so here we go! An in-depth look at fan service, exploitation, and art in video games – is exploitation an issue, where to we draw the line, and how do we determine what is and isn’t exploitative?

There’s a lot of debate around this topic in the games industry and its often polarising to the point of not being useful. There’s actually a fascinating depth of nuance to the topic, and while this video’s a bit of a brain-dump rather than something scripted, I hope it’s interesting and thought-provoking.

If there is ever a topic that you would like me to explore via a video, please to let me know. I’m always keen to share my thoughts on stuff!

– Matt S. 
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