This Week’s Switch Port News: Friday, October 26, 2018

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News by Matt C.

Every week, there are approximately 1391121182112519 announcements for Switch ports of previously-released games. That’s great news for Switch owners, bad news for our wallets, and awful news for Lindsay, DDNet’s news editor.

This week’s list is huge, and this isn’t even the result of some sort of big event. There’s just a lot of indies that have low-key dropped onto the eShop this week with little fanfare, and a few more Arcade Archives games to help fill out the list.

Here’s a quick and dirty list of new Switch port announcements from this week:

  • 911 Operator (available now)*
  • 7 Billion Humans (available now)
  • ACA NEOGEO Strikers 1945 Plus (available now)
  • ACA NEOGEO Savage Reign (available now)
  • Arcade Archives Alpha Mission (available now)
  • Arcade Archives Ninja-Kid II (available now)*
  • AquaTV (available now)
  • Black & White Bushido (available now)
  • Deployment (available now)
  • Fly O’Clock (available now)
  • Freaky Awesome (available now)
  • Storm in a Teacup (available now)
  • Rogue Legacy (November 6) (PS4 review)
  • Full Metal Furies (November 6)
  • Astebreed (November 8) (PS4 review)
  • The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition (November 8)
  • Townsmen (November 9)
  • Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition (December 27) (PS4 review)
  • Ion Maiden (Q2 2019)
  • AngerForce: Reloaded (TBC)
  • Hard West: Complete Edition (TBC)
  • Vampyr (TBC) (PS4 review)

Again, there’s a whole lot of indies from the last few years, and they’re worth a look. Rogue Legacy and Astebreed are particularly notable, Rogue Legacy for being one of the forebears of the “roguelite” trend, and still one of the better ones, and Astebreed for its more narrative-heavy take on shoot ’em ups.

But what we’re most excited about at is Vampyr, an excellent vampire-themed RPG from Dontnod, the same folks behind Life is Strange. It’s a deep, thematically rich game that seems to have reviewed worse than it should because of superficial things, but Dontnod’s been working hard to smooth those out, and next year’s release on Switch will benefit from all those improvements out the gate—allowing people to focus more on the things that actually matter.

What are you most looking forward to?

(Important note: we’re not including announcements of Switch as a platform for upcoming games, which would usually get their own news coverage anyway. This is list is purely for announcements of Switch ports / re-releases and the like.)

*Last week, we mistakenly listed 911 Operator and Arcade Archives Ninja-Kid II as being available then. They were actually released this week.

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