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More Root Letter is on the way, but in what medium?

Kadokawa Games has announced two new additions to what has now become the Root Letter franchise. Root Letter: Last Answer and the tentatively-titled Root Letter 2 are now being developed. Kadokawa has also released this live-action video for Root Letter: Last Answer alongside the announcement.

The video actually gives away very little. Is Root Letter: Last Answer a television series? A film? An FMV game? A visual novel in the same style as its predecessor, with the live-action teaser to throw us all off? It’s all part of the mystery. Less mysterious, however, is Root Letter 2: I presume it to be a sequel to the original in the same style, based on the title alone.

Root Letter is easily one of the most gorgeous visual novels we’ve ever seen, and that’s no exaggeration. The developer took the time to faithfully recreate landscapes in Shimane, the calm prefecture that is the setting for this murder mystery title. You’re thrown into investigating your pen pal’s disappearance from fifteen years ago… but the twist is that she may have murdered someone before fleeing. Root Letter is published by PQube in the West, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita worldwide.

Persona Q2 Japanese release date revealed

Persona Q was the 3DS title that shouldn’t have worked, but did. The mash-up of Persona 3 and Persona 4 absolutely required playing those titles previously, so I would expect that past Persona experience is again a must for Persona Q2. Here’s the first TV spot for the upcoming title:

Atlus has announced that the title will be released for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on November 29. In addition to cast from Persona 3 and 4, cast from Persona 5 will be added; female protagonist from 3 will be featured.

This is just the first of what will be a full week of Persona Q2 goodies. At noon JST today, the first official trailer for the game will debut via the series’ Twitter account. And on August 9, Weekly Famitsu will feature a full ten pages on the game.

New Dragon Quest XI trailer introduces Toriyama-designed characters

The Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age release is just around the corner; on September 4, the anticipated title will be released for PC and PlayStation 4. To add to the hype, Square Enix has released the below trailer to introduce the Akira Toriyama-designed characters joining the title.

The characters span the gamut of what one would expect in a JRPG: we’ve got fighters, magicians, healers, and an old man. Okay, maybe that last one isn’t so common. But these are the ones joining the teenaged protagonist on the trek through Erdrea.

Erik is a reliable partner in crime. Jade is a noble martial artist. Rab is a mysterious old man. Serena is a laid-back healer. Sylvando is an entertainer extraordinaire. Veronica is a fearless young mage. Veronica is also my favourite, based on her name and skills alone. I can’t wait to join the team!

The wait is over, PC Gal*Gun 2 players: all DLC is available!

Get the thank-you notes ready to send Inti Creates and PQube, because the developer and publisher have brought all console DLC fro Gal*Gun 2 to PC players. That’s right, if you prefer your PC, you finally have access to every single goodie the console players have.

There are seven DLC sets, each containing three outfits. Add that up, and that’s 21 more alluring outfits, with one to suit every whim. Want a nurse? An angel? Something slimy? You’ve got the option now! I personally recommend Set 1 as it includes both the Meowveolous Sweater Set and Classy Bunny Girl set, and I do love me kitty cats and bunny rabbits!

Gal*Gun and its sequel are surprisingly impressive rail shooters that get a bad rep for the, ahem, riské look of the girls. You can read our interview with the creator here, as he speaks to the game’s perceived perverseness. Gal*Gun 2 is available both physically and digitally for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in addition to its PC via Steam release.

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