Check out the first image from the live-action Ghost in the Shell film

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It’s the first time we’re seeing anything from the upcoming Ghost in the Shell live-action movie, but as far as a first image goes I’m quite happy because it features Scarlet Johansson! The first still could have been of anything — the set, secondary or tertiary characters — but instead it showcases Johansson’s look (read: wig) in the film.

Ghost in the Shell in the most recent expansion of the long-standing manga franchise that first debuted in 1989. It is the story of Public Security Section 9 (an anti-terrorist taskforce) in mid-21st century Japan. Section 9 is led by Major Motoko Kusanagi, who Johansson is believed to be playing in the film. Other titles in the franchise include (but are not limited to) an animated movie from 1995; Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, a 2002 television series showing a story outside of the manga and animated movie; Arise, a 2014 video animation series consisting of four episodes that was picked up on television a year later with two extra episodes; Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie, which was released last year; and an upcoming online video game based on Stand Alone Complex.

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The upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Ghost in the Shell featuring Johansson is currently filming in New Zealand. The current cinema release of the feature film is set for 31 March of next year.

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