Good Smile Company’s latest Hatsune Miku figurine is the cutest and sexiest yet

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Good Smile Company is my favourite company out there when it comes to Hatsune Miku. The premium collectibles outfit rarely does her wrong, but this latest figurine, the “Princess Knight” Racing Miku, might just be my favourite yet.

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Standing at 350 millimeters in height, this figurine is up for preorder now through the Good Smile Company website, and due fo release in August next year (which is quite the wait, we agree). She’ll set you back 12,778 yen ($146.30 Australian), which is a premium price, though not the most expensive Good Smile Company miniature we’ve seen, and certainly worth it for collectors.

What I really love about this Miku figurine is a combination of the pose, and the costume. The pose is nice and dynamic, and shows good lines of movement through Miku and her trademark hair. With a massive flag suggesting a billowing wind, it’s nice to see that the hair looks like it is also responding to the wind. Miku’s pose, meanwhile, is a trademark cutesy anime pose, while the yellow-and-white costume is subtle, minimalist, and charming.

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It’s also subtly, rather than overtly, sexy, and I actually like it for that. Thigh high stockings are par for Miku, of course, but the flash of undies from behind, is sexy without being raunchy. You can easily set this figurine up in the display cabinet so that no one’s going to look at it and be offended, but at the same time, there’s that teasing play on the imagination, knowing what’s on the other side of the figurine, that is fun, and very much in the spirit of the Racing Miku sub-category of the Miku culture.

It’s probably a little late to slap down a preorder for this as a Christmas present – either for yourself or the otaku in the family – but be sure that you do before pre-orders close down mid-January. Premium miniatures like these have a habit of selling out quickly, and after they do, take it from me, they can be incredibly difficult to find. Even if you make a trip to Akihabara itself.

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Anyway, consider the opportunity to pre-order something this gorgeous the ultimate Christmas present from Good Smile Company. Thanks a lot, guys! My wallet was already suffering, and now it’s on life support.

– Matt S. 

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