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Monday, October 19, 2015

Get AnimeLab on your PlayStation 4 right... now

Australia's home-grown alternative to CrunchyRoll, AnimeLab, is a very good service. A very, very good service indeed, and one many do prefer to the undeniable global giant. One of the issues that AnimeLab has had, however, is that it is available on relatively few devices. CrunchyRoll is even available on the Nintendo Wii, and no one uses that console any more, except to play old games, surely.

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AnimeLab has taken a significant step to rectify that problem, however, launching on the PlayStation 4 as we speak (and also on the PlayStation 3, if you haven't made the upgrade yet).

Downloading the app is free, however, this is a premium service with a monthly subscription fee attached. Still, with the sheer range of anime available through it, as well as the general cost of anime DVDs and Blu-Rays in this country, the small monthly charge is hardly something to complain about.

According to the press release, AnimeLab launched in May 2014 and now has over 165,000 signed up users, which is growing at approximately 15,000 per month. The service is currently streaming over 12,000 hours of video daily, and has over 4,000 episodes across 174 titles.

Popular shows include Assassination Classroom, Naruto, Prison School and Tokyo Ghoul. With the PlayStation 4 also running CrunchyRoll, Netflix, Spotify, Foxtel and SBS apps, it is arguably the most comprehensive general entertainment box you could stick under your TV now, without going to the effort of setting up an entertainment PC for it.

- Matt S. 
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Get AnimeLab on your PlayStation 4 right... now
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