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These past two years, I have lived my life as a sad, angst-ridden panda. I’ve never owned a PS Vita, so I’ve never had the fortune to try what Matt refers to as “a masterclass of narrative storytelling”. But now, finally, I have a chance to remedy my ignorance. Danganronpa 3 is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita. I’m ready to have my mind manipulated.

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Today at TGS, Danganronpa 3 was announced via trailer, galvanizing every series’ fans’ mouths agape with wondering reassurance. As a soon-to-be newcomer to the series, I’m excited to discover how Game Theory will be utilized and how the characters will behave or adapt while trying to get away with murder.

If you’re finding yourself aching for this next installment of mind games, you might find this spinoff to be a brilliant distraction.

– Jedediah H.

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