The cosplay of SMASH! Competition gallery #2

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While there were a lot of people dressed up as their favourite characters at SMASH! this year, special mention needs to go to those that actually performed for what turned out to be a massive audience.

Cosplay on stage came in two forms at the event. People either took to a catwalk to show off their awesome consume design and construction work (or bare chests, as you’ll see below). That one was just for fun. Alternatively there was an actual competition, with many of the cosplayers also performing small skits in character to help win over judges.

I’ve been going to cosplay events for quite a few years now, and I must say it’s amazing how quickly this little hobby is developing as a competitive activity. The costumes are becoming ever more elaborate, detailed, and realistic with each new event. The skits more elaborate. Even the hosts are improving in the showbiz side of things.

And, importantly, the crowds are responding. As a media dude with a camera I had to scramble around like a crazy guy at the front of the stage to get shots among the other photographers. At one stage I turned around and saw that the entire hall of seats were occupied. Cosplay has become a real drawcard and major event.

This is the very last gallery of cosplayers from the event (promise!). I hope you’ve enjoyed the extended coverage over the week! You can check out the previous galleries by clicking the links below:

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Competition Gallery #1

Additionally, if you were one of the people that we snapped on the day, please contact me at so that I can shoot you over a full high-resolution copy of your photo (and thank you again for participating!).

This skit was probably the best from the event. It was a proper performance quality one.

His stare is withering. I had to stop taking photos, so scared I was.

Now THIS cosplay is League of Legends right? RIGHT?

It’s like she’s trying out for a performance of Romeo & Juliet. Is great actor face.

Another Madoka Magica cosplay. One of the slickest of all, actually.

Cersei Lannister, if Cersei was a guy. And it so fits. Weird.

No idea, but I had a good laugh at this one. This guy is cool.

Without a doubt the most complex and detailed costume of the show.

Idolm@ster cosplay, and this guy absolutely nailed the dance routine. He knows how to cos.

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The photos in this gallery were snapped on a Nikon DSLR D7100, provided to DDNet by Nikon.

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