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Persona 4: Dancing All Night is surely – surely! – our most anticipated PlayStation Vita game on the horizon. And now Atlus has announced something that will surely – surely! – make it a day one purchase.

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For the first week after release a set of swimwear costumes will be free DLC. This pack of costumes is one for each of Persona 4’s leading ladies – Rise, Yukiko, Naoto and that other one (yes yes, Chie. Don’t lynch me, fans).

Of course, Rise’s fetching orange bikini is the one that wins us over, but Yukiko’s little skirt number is charming, and hey, the other two have their fans too.

These costumes are not available for use in the story mode, apparently, but rather just the free-dance mode. So you can guess where we’ll be spending most of our time playing this game.

And if this game is anything like Project Diva F, we’ll be playing this a whole lot.

– Matt S. 
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