E3 2015 expectations: Dean’s thoughts

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Each year in the week leading up to E3 we like to get the DDNet team to share some thoughts about the show, an what they’re expecting to see, or would like to see happen. Unlike our recent Friday Ten, these are more genuine thoughts, based on what we already know about the show (because let’s face it, a lot gets leaked these days), and what would seem likely to be the reasonable announcements for the big publishers and developers to make.

And without further ado, here’s our second predictions piece; it’s Dean’s turn!

E3 for me this year is going to be a little different to many other years in the sense that I won’t necessarily be looking for new games to be announced. On the other hand I want to see more from games I already know about. Here is what I am hoping happens at E3 and some things that could potentially happen:

Microsoft’s E3 presentation last year was one of the finest that I’ve seen it do. It was games, games, and nothing but the games. The big shocker last year was when the company came out and showed Rise of the Tomb Raider as a “timed exclusive.” This year we may see another shocker with rumours floating around that Microsoft wants to buy Silent Hill, the franchise that recently suffered a setback when Konami killed a Kojima project in the franchise. Phil Spencer has since denied this, but who knows, maybe the publisher is keeping it hidden until E3? I’m also interested to see if the introduction of the Windows 10 operating system will make an impact and how it will interact with the Xbox. Finally there is always one thing that is a dead set guarantee from Microsoft, the new Call of Duty. No doubt Microsoft has cooked up something special and exclusive with Activision there.

Tomb Raider is looking gooooooood

Sony has already come out and said that exclusives from it  will be ‘sparse’ in 2015, so it’s interesting to see what the stage show will focus on this year. We will certainly be seeing more of the already announced line-up such as Uncharted 4 and No Mans Sky, as well as the very exciting Until Dawn, but apart from that it is difficult to see which direction Sony will take this year. The one thing Sony might do a big push with, is Morpheus. Oculus already has a release date and price, will Sony follow suit? In any case I am looking forward to The Last of Us: VR Edition (I hope this is a thing).

Nintendo is at a standstill right now. None of us have a real idea of where the Wii U sits within its own lifecycle, but could this year’s E3 be its last? If Nintendo does indeed show off this “NX”, we may know what the future of the Wii U is. I’m sure there will be more Amiibo’s on display, to work with even more games, and hopefully we see more of Starfox and Zelda Wii U, and possibly the announcement of Mario Galaxy 3. In the meantime I’m hoping to see more Mario Maker to see what kind of crazy levels people can come up with.

Now that I’ve got through the big guys let’s have a look at some of the publishers who have stage time. All I want to see from Square Enix this year is more Kingdom Hearts 3. Just give me a release date please and hopefully it’s sooner rather than later. Also I want to see Square show off some Just Cause 3. We already know Bethesda will be showing off Fallout 4 and the Doom reboot, also I think it will be looking at Elder Scrolls Online, and potentially a very early teaser of Elder Scrolls VI.

EA will undoubtedly be showing off Star Wars Battlefront in preparation for its release later this year, and I’m hoping to see some gameplay of that. More Mirrors Edge 2 would be great, and maybe, just maybe, we will see Mass Effect 4 in some way, shape or form. I think it’s a little early for Ubisoft to announce a Watch Dogs 2, but we will be seeing Assassin’s Creed as usual, as well as The Division and the new Tom Clancy.

The big hardware story of this year’s E3?

Also for the first time, the PC guys will have their own timeslot at E3 for the stage, where plenty of companies will be announcing the latest hardware and upgrades there. AMD will be at the forefront launching its brand new graphics cards with high bandwidth memory.

I think this E3 won’t have as many ground breaking announcements as the years before, but it still will have plenty to offer for all players out there.

– Dean M. 

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