Atelier Rorona is coming to Nintendo 3DS… and she’s adorable

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News by Matt S.

Koei Tecmo is bringing Atelier Rorona to the Nintendo 3DS in 2015. And it may well be a different game to the JRPG classic on the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

See, the Atelier Rorona on the Nintendo 3DS has a completely different art style to the previous releases on the series. It’s also a game that has been around for so long on the PlayStation consoles now that it wouldn’t make sense to do a direct port, so we’ve got our bets on it being a spin-off or sequel of some kind.

The chibi-art style is nothing short of adorable, and vaguely reminiscient of what Atlus is doing with Persona 4 on the 3DS in Persona Q. It seems that Japanese developers have decided that 3DS owners like the chibi art style.

– Matt S. 
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