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Can you believe your enchanting (green?) eyes that Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star is nearly, the 26th of September to be exact, in our anticipatory clutches? Well, until that day comes, and while your hands are free, take hold of my calloused yet confoundedly soft grip and allow me to present you with a face-full of videos that quickly show the game-play elements Ar Nosurge is built upon.  

When it comes to the battle system, you will be controlling a two-person team with the goal of safeguarding the spell caster so that she may unleash melodious Song Magic on the waves of enemies, mechs presumably fuelled by old-fashioned, cantankerous souls that can’t appreciate the braggadocio of modern tunes. And in order to increase the melodiousness (power) of Song Magic, you must improve your relationships among the members of your party, for if you remember from our two-part interview with the man behind Ar Nosurge, the central theme of the series is the evolving bond of friendship between men and women, to show the resulting actions of trust, respect, and cooperation.

These following videos briefly showcase the battle system, Genometrics (the system that improves your characters’ bonds), song magic effects, as well as a few other lovely characteristics:

Song Magic

Battle Game-play

Synthesis Game-play
Event Game-play


The multiplicity of musical themes, sharp character models, and the focus on improving bonds (which is not really like Thousand Arms, but kind of) placed this JRPG on my list of adventures to “drink beer and/ or wine to while playing in a tank top.” Why a tank top, you ask? Because it makes standing arms akimbo after each victory easier… 
Bring on the 26th of September!
-Jedediah H.
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