Goat Simulator might become the greatest game of all time

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News by Matt S.

It all started out as a joke. Coffee Stain Studios released on YouTube some silly footage of “Goat Simulator,” a clear satire of the massive number of “simulator” games (such as Farming Simulator), that appear to be on very mundane themes indeed.

Because the Internet has a taste for silly things, Goat Simulator’s video went viral, and now it’s getting a Steam release. Kudos to Coffee Stain Studios for tapping into a smart viral idea.

Apparently the game’s inspired by old-school skating games. Only this time you’ll be playing a goat. And smashing stuff.

Trailer below. I can’t possibly imagine that this is going to turn out to be a good game, but then Coffee Stain Studios is behind the very decent Sanctum and Sanctum 2, so who knows? Perhaps their odd sense of humour will actually work. Feel free to preorder it for a tenner at www.goat-simulator.com.

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