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Jennifer Schneidereit has been a part of the development teams behind some of the nichest of Japanese games, and then the most casual of western projects.

In a career that has taken her to both Japan and the UK, Schneidereit has worked for Acquire in Japan and was part of the teams that produced Shinobido: Way of the Ninja on the PSP (and while we didn’t review that game, we loved the Vita sequel), and oddball Way of the Samurai 3.

Then Schneidereit relocated to the UK and worked with Rare on its hit Kinect launch title, Kinect Sports. It’s an eclectic resume to be sure and notable in its own right, but real the reason that we are so happy to have Schneidereit as part of The Interactive Canvas interviews is for her new project at the indie developer, Nyamyam, that she co-founded.

That game is Tengami, a gorgeous game that mixes point-and-click gameplay with papercraft aesthetics. It’s a clear mix of Japanese and western game development influences, and as such it’s going to be truly exciting to chat with Schneidereit about her sources of inspiration, her experiences and the contrast of working on both the nichest of niche creative projects and then the most commercial of game designs. And, of course, the creative philosophies that led her to start up her own independent development studio.

Tengami concept art… looks gorgeous, doesn’t it?

Tengami is one of the most visually striking games that we’ve seen in some time, and it’s a perfect addition to The Interactive Canvas. So, if you want to read some deep insights into game development from Schneidereit and the other amazing developers we have lined up, be sure to jump on over to the Kickstarter and pledge yourself a copy of the book!

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