Gadget review: Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition Artist Series

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Review by Matt S.

Ok, so as a disclaimer first: I’ve never actually reviewed a mouse before. It’s one of those things that you use, but you don’t really think about, as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never bothered with those hardcore gamer mice (frankly, it wouldn’t help me), but because Digitally Downloaded is doing gadget reviews, I felt it was fair enough to start reviewing mice.

That, and the design of these mice appealed to me. Microsoft has recruited artists Muxxi, Kovio and Olofsdotter from around the world to design the face art on each mouse, and they look genuinely good. The rest of the mouse is sleek and well curved; it fits the hand nicely without feeling bulky or heavy.

As a nice bonus, the art on the top of the mouse is slightly rough and raised, which offers some grip for the hand and helps the ergonomics of the device. The side of the mouse is also rough and offers grip. As a journalist I use a mouse for long hours every day, and the subtle support and assistance in keeping my hand in a comfortable position I found quite welcome after a couple of hours.

Equally handy; this thing works on almost anything. Carpet, table, blanket, my shirt, my hair, whatever the surface this mouse offered plenty of precision. Microsoft calls it BlueTrack Technology. I have no idea what that technology is as I don’t browse mouse review websites, but I’m impressed with whatever it is. All mouses should have this technology in them.

Other than that, this is a standard wireless mouse which is nice and compact in size (so good for taking around with a laptop) with a good battery life. I was a little surprised that it uses disposable batteries rather than a rechargable, built in one, but that’s the only flaw I could find in an otherwise solid product.

The gaming applications of this mouse are going to be limited indeed if you’re a serious gamer, but for work, and for non-competitive gaming, The Limited Edition Artist series is a classy, comfortable mouse. I never thought I would write six paragraphs about a mouse, but I enjoyed using this enough to do so to recommend it to you all.

– Matt S. 
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