Digitally Downloaded has launched our very own Kickstarter! Please support our dream!

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Hi everyone,

Today, I’m doing something that is both terrifying and terribly exciting; I am launching a Kickstarter for a book project that I have had in mind for years.

As anyone who has read Digitally Downloaded regularly over the years know, I believe passionately that modern games have artistic merit. Not just in terms of the visual aesthetic, but thematically and culturally games hold value now that is beyond being simple entertainment.

The industry is also now filled with game directors that are every bit as creative and artistic as their film counterparts. As a journalist I’ve always been keenly interested in people’s stories, and that’s where the idea behind The Interactive Canvas: Gaming Artists comes from; I want to record the stories, experiences and philosophies of the industry’s greatest minds within a book that will be an invaluable source of information for anyone who takes their games seriously.

You can read plenty more about the idea on our Kickstarter page: Click Here

And of course if you have any questions please do get in touch with us!

Your support in helping us realise a true dream and passion for games is very much appreciated. We hope dearly that the Kickstarter is successful and you enjoy reading the book as much as we’re going to enjoy putting it together!

– Matt S and the DDNet team.

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