Australia’s Game of the Year is heading to Japan

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escapeVektor Japan 3DS Vita

escapeVektor, which recently won Digitally Downloaded’s Australian Game of the Year by reader vote, is finally releasing in Japan.

The game is to be published by Arc System Works on both Vita and 3DS (the same publisher that looked after Persona 4 Arena and Blazblue), for ¥700 ($7, give or take a few dollars, based on exchange rates).

It’s often surprising to think on, but the Japanese gaming community misses out on as many game localisations (especially from small and independent developers) as we in the west miss out on Japanese RPGs and dating sims. So it is a big deal for this game to pick up a localisation and publishing deal for the market; hopefully it’s a big success for Nnooo.

The Japanese trailer is also pretty funky, we think:

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