Sonic Dash-es back to iOS

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For a character that’s known for speed, it’s kind of stunning that there wasn’t already a Sonic the Hedgehog endless runner isn’t it?

Whether you agree or not, the Blue Blur certainly has one now. Sega announced today that Sonic Dash would be making its way to the App Store some time soon.

Our spikey hero goes on a fast and frenzied 3D dash through the stunning grassy verges of Seaside Hill. Challenge your friends to run as far into the hill as you can and beat their best times!

Mentioned in the press release was also a bit about ‘mobile platforms’ in general, which would certainly indicate that the game would be on the way to Android as well as Apple’s mobile OS. Only the App Store was named however, so an official announcement might still be a ways off for ‘Droid users.

There is no release date for the game either right now, but sit tight- Sonic Dash should be along soon.

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