Metal Slug X assaults iOS and Android

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The Metal Slug series continues its all out assault on mobile devices with the announcement of Metal Slug X for iOS and Android.

MSX is actually the third game in the popular side-scrolling series from SNK/Playmore and it’s the fourth Slug to arrive on mobiles as it joins the first through third entries.

If you’re not familiar with Metal Slug, here’s your primer: old school, hand drawn, side scrolling shooting. It’s a simple premise, moving left to right blasting everything that moves, but a tried and true one that’s worked since pretty much the dawn of gaming. And it never really gets old does it?

The mobile version of Metal Slug X is what you’d expect from an older title ported up to newer platforms. It’s ‘arcade perfect’ with some extra features thrown in for good measure, features customizable controls, and bluetooth multiplayer.

You can grab Metal Slug X right now on the App Store or the Android Marketplace.

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