Drakengard 3? I have just died and gone to heaven?

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If you’ve spent much time at Digitally Downloaded then you know I am a big-time fan of Nier. This hugely under appreciated JRPG from Cavia performed badly enough in the market that Cavia itself was folded into parent company, MarvellousAQL, following its release.

This not only made Nier 2 a very unlikely proposition, but it made Cavia’s previous brilliant PlayStation 2 series, Drakengard, also essentially dead in the water and unlikely to see a HD release.

Until today. A report from Siliconera confirms that Drakengard 3 is indeed in production for the PlayStation 3. No news on who is developing it in Cavia’s absence, but it seems likely to be published by Square Enix, who looked after the original two games.

This is unbelievably good news, folks. Think RPG + Dragon Flight + On-Foot Warriors-style action.

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