The Weekly Discussion: Snacks and (local) Multiplayer

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Mountain Dew and Doritos.

Just about every gamer I’ve ever met loves a good local multiplayer session. Whether it’s the classics such as Goldeneye, some fast-and-furious Smash Brothers, or even sitting around a digital board game like the brilliant Fortune Street or trivia games like Buzz!, getting a group of family and friends together for multiplayer is what memories are made of.

But gaming without snacks is only half the experience. So let’s do a double-whammy weekly discussion: What local multiplayer games have you found yourself playing recently, and what snacks do you consume while you play?

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  • This is easy-peasy.

    Beer. Beer is the ultimate way to make any game even better. Doritos optional.

    As for local multiplayer – the better half and I have got right into Beat the Beat multiplayer, which is weirdly compelling and very competitive.

    But I will, never, ever forget the time my brothers, a friend and I did two 90-minute Smash Brothers Melee bouts back-to-back. Gruelling on the thumbs, that was.

  • I don't eat/drink much of anything when I'm getting my gaming on. I'm also highly health conchiencious, so that's basically the reason that I don't. 🙂

    Me and my wife don't really play videogames together, but we do battle it out in quite a few board/card games from time to time!

  • In terms of couch multiplayer titles, Super Smash Bros. has never failed me. I also have found that Mario Kart and (earlier) Mario Party titles do the trick quite well.

    In terms of snacks, I used to inhale Cheezits on a daily basis. And then I realized that Cheezits were probably knocking off a handful of years to my life, which I then appropriately made the switch to Baked Lays.

  • Multiplayer has never been a big deal for me really, but when I was a kid I used to log many an hour with my buds on SNES classics like Mario Kart and Super Street Fighter II. We always had a solid helping of chips (Doritos were actually some of my favorites lol) and pretzels.
    Oh and my mom actually did make some absolutely loaded nachos a few times when we were playing Dungeons and Dragons (tabletop) – those were some shining moments 😉

  • Beer. Yes.
    I just remembered a time (not all that long ago) when a friend of mine and me were falling over drunk playing Mega Man 2. We generally lost a lot and cursed the heck out of the bosses.

  • I never consume anything while playing. I never even touch any of my controllers/portable consoles without first washing my hands. And I make others do the same. No I am not weird!

  • Ever since I got Fortune Street, my study breaks (which are now hour long study breaks) have been me and my sister playing Fortune Street.

    We love it. Laughs, tears, screams of pain all happen. It's a blast.

    And really anything goes food wise. Normally I don't have snacks when I game. I normally have something to drink (water/alcohol) and if I happen to be playing at lunch time i'll have whatever I want for lunch.

  • Oh we didn't. I don't even think we got past the first few sections of any one stage lol We've both had enough history with Mega Man titles to enjoy cussing at the bosses though 😉

  • I can name three games when I enjoyed multiplayer. Super Smash Brothers with my peers in my high-school dorm, F-Zero X with my cousin's N64, and Mortal Combat with my siblings.

    I do hope I can enjoy a unique multiplayer experience when I get the Wii U.

  • Recent local multiplayer games would be Mario Kart Wii and Super Mario Bros. 3 (if you count that as "multiplayer").
    I don't really have a go to snack, just coffee. Coffee. Coffee. COFFEE. COFFEE.

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about my snack while I play games. Eh, I used to eat cereal or sometimes dry Ramen sprinkled with the seasoning. My mom always did her best to prohibit sugary or fatty foods 😛

  • I've got another one to add: my better half got a PS3 controller on this weekend (we'd only had the one controller previously), and we literally spent all Sunday night playing Dead or Alive 5.

    My better half is…. fighteningly good at fighting games. Like, makes me look like a fool good. And I'd spent like a hundred more hours playing DoA games than her between the 3DS one and this one 🙁 And I have a winning record online for these games.

    I need to stop playing Dead or Alive Paradise and get back into the fighting game practice I think!

  • Nintendoland alone has a unique multiplayer experience. I am certain that the Wii U will have plenty of other examples. For local multiplayer that console is going to be unparalleled.

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