Drag mode returns in Need for Speed World

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Not seen in a NFS game for half a dozen years, Drag Mode is finally back.

Need for Speed World is EA’s online (free to play) version of the popular racing series- so don’t confuse it with the recently released Need for Speed Most Wanted. The game combines locations from the original Most Wanted and NFS: Carbon to create the game world and adds in elements like challenges, treasure hunting, and free roaming.

Drag Mode is the newest addition and gives players that chance to put pedal on metal and race competitively against a maximum of five other players across four different courses. Winning is not all that easy of a proposition either as racers will have to manage their gear shifting (which is vital as shifting in a green zone gives you a nitrous boost), position in the race, and avoiding oncoming traffic.

Also new in the game, and going hand in hand with Drag Mode, are Drag Skill Mods. Here’s what you can look forward to in the Mod pile when you fire the game up:

  • Aero Drag Reduction – Improves aerodynamic properties on the car, improving overall performance in Drag races.
  • Launch Grip – Improves acceleration in Drag races by enhancing tire grip at race start. 
  • Gear Ratio Enhancement – Increases the size of the RPM band required to hit a Perfect or Good Shift. Perfect Shifts give a small boost and the RPM range to hit gets smaller each gear.
Check out Need for Speed World (or start playing) right here.

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