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The ‘opening weekend’ sales for the new 4th generation iPad and iPad mini shattered the sales of the 3rd gen unit from just a few months before.

Even though that 3rd generation unit went on sale this past Spring, the 4th gen iPad sold a ton (that’s a technical figure) over this past launch weekend. And sales of the iPad mini? I’d say they probably made new Apple CEO Tim Cook pretty happy too as the 7.9″ tablet is completely sold out with a back ship time of about two weeks as of this writing.

Even natural disaster couldn’t damper the launch day iFrenzy as lines at the (uptown) Manhattan Apple store were around the block. Hurricane Sandy (or Frankenstorm, if you prefer), it appears, has got nothing on iPads of either flavor.

The tale of the tape? The previous record for sales (for a launch weekend) of the iPad was 1.5 million units this past Spring. That’s pretty impressive, but not next to this: combined sales of the iPad (4th gen) and iPad mini just this past weekend (this is a three day total), added up to a whopping 3 million units sold. That’s three million iPads moved over a three day period. Yow.

Source: gamesindustry International

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  • I think the iPad 4 is going to be a slow-burner. iPad 2 and 3 are both working just fine at home. The reason I upgraded to iPad 3 was because my 1 had died from lots of love.

    In other words, the iPad 4 launch is "too soon" for the current folks with iPads to really care about it. I suspect the mini got the lion's share of those sales.

  • Yep, I'd definitely get an iPad Mini, as I've see they made the newest iPad a tiny bit heavier, by 2 grams >:[

  • I think so too. I couldn't track down any firm numbers on it, but I've gotta believe with the sell out that the mini is the real champ over this past weekend.

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